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Dahlia Society Oriented Reference Sites

  • The American Dahlia Society (ADS) has a large listing of references.
  • The Colorado Dahlia Society provides very detailed step-by-step instructions on how to grow Dahlias. The site is liberally illustrated with good pictures.  It also has a gallery of the fabulous fifty dahlias and information on how to buy dahlias.
  • “Garden Guides” provides clear and concise instructions for planting, propagating, and growing dahlias.
  • Growing Dahlias” is an online publication by Puget Sound Dahlia Society on how to grow Dahlias.
  • For soil fertility check out the Minnesota Dahlia Society site.

DSC is a member of the Pacific Southwest Dahlia Conference whose members are

Various University Sites

Other Technically Oriented Sites

  • If you are looking for a site with a very thorough explanation about the entire Dahlia growing process and has lots of very pretty pictures, Susan’s Garden is the place.
  • Mid–Island provides specific instructions on how to control plant growth.
  • Find out how the Brits do their Dahlia exhibit. Lots of details.  
  • Want to find out how dahlias are named and who are the hybridizers? Here is asite in UK that explains it all.
  • Two sites have huge databases of dahlias with beautiful pictures and relevant information. The GardenWeb’s HortiPlex Plant Database has 4087 plants.
  • Want to see the progress of Dahlia growing from the comfort of your room? Here is a Webcam site for you. Video in 4 parts show you every thing about dahlia growing

Online Dahlia forums can be a good place to interact with other Dahlia enthusiasts

  • Dahlia-alert is a news group and information source for gardeners with an interest in growing and enjoying spectacular dahlias. 1469 Members.
  • The Dahlia-Net is a place where dahlia growers and those who appreciate dahlias come together to discuss their favorite flower. You are invited to join in discussions and learn about the ADS and Dahlia Shows.  512 Members.
  • Dahlias is an Information & Picture Sharing Group.
  • This Garden Web has a forum for the discussion of growing Dahlias.



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