Art and Photos

Photos and other artistic expressions of Dahlias.


  • Carol Hemingway, a member of DSC, is a celebrated professional photographer. Check out her online studio, Front Porch Photography, for unique pictures, calendars and other objects with a Dahlia motif. 
  • Dahlia photographs on this site are available for licensing in any media.  
  • Twenty six shots of dahlias available for purchase in different sizes of prints or canvas. 
  • Twenty one artistic shots of dahlias. 
  • Guide to Dahlias of Golden Gate Park with photos by Laura Maish & Bill Storage is an online gallery containing several hundred photos, each with the dahlia variety name. However, only a few sample images are shown on this page. 
  • Of course, this DSC web site provides hundreds of pictures as well. We are happy to share these beautiful pictures with you.

Other Artistic Expressions

Craft with Dahlias


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