SF Dell on the Web

The San Francisco Dahlia Dell at the Golden Gate Park maintained by members of DSC has a Web page dedicated to it on our own Web site.  It is also cited by a number of other web sites with lots of Dahlia pictures.

  • Guide to Dahlias of Golden Gate Park. By Laura Maish & Bill Storage.
    This fabulous gallery contains several hundred photos, each with the dahlia variety name.
  • Dahlias for every garden, Sunset Magazine. It is an article about growing dahlias, listing the many forms and tips for growing dahlias. Quote from the article:  “Dahlias have never been as beautiful as they are today,” says Erik Juul, award-winning dahlia hybridizer who, along with his wife, Gerda, grows hundreds of tubers in their San Francisco garden and at Golden Gate Park Dahlia Dell. “There are more colors, shapes and sizes, and more people developing new dahlias than ever.”

  • San Francisco Dahlia Dell, Information about Golden Gate Park by David Gardner. Gardner, a celebrated multimedia artist, while a student created an interactive CD-ROM on the Golden Park. It included an extensive section on the Dahlia Dell.

  • San Francisco City Website introduces the official city flower, Dahlia, the Dahlia Dell and mentions the Dahlia Society of California.

  • Deze pagina gaat over de eetbaarheid van Dahlia’s. A forum from Netherlands. This page discusses dahlia as food. Erik and Gerda Juul, member of DSC wrote this: “The hot beverage product is called Dacopa. We don’t know if it is still made as we have not seen it for years. Safeway Stores used to sell it. We searched the net under the name and health food products came up as well as dahlias. Many years ago we were contacted by local TV station channel 5 (CBS) for pictures of dahlias to be used for a program called Evening Magazine, where they were going to feature Dacopa made from dahlias. As this was February, they had to settle for our pictures, which they put on tape in their van parked in front of our house! It actually turned out of be a beautiful program looking like they were in our garden. Rita and Oscar Roebuck were very good friends of ours. Oscar once made a pie out of dahlia tubers and brought it to our local society meeting. This was one of the few meetings we missed, so we did not taste it. As we recall, the members were not too impressed, and Oscar was known to be a very good baker.”


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