Building An Indoor Greenhouse Step-by-step
by Tinnee Lee

Step 1
Build your metal bookcase with heavy duty screws. (a little dahlia wine never hurts)

Be sure to brace it.
Step 2.
Drill holes in sides of shelves to attach S hooks.

Make your shelf heights variable to allow for different plant heights.
Step 3
Assemble shop light fixture. Tinnee uses one regular fluorescent tube and one Grow light in each shop light. Hang them from the shelves using the chains which come with the lights and the S hooks. Set your automatic light timer for 18 hours of light.
Step 4.
Wrap your shelves with plastic leaving the middle section of the front open. Use another piece of plastic to cover the open section. With magnets to hold this piece of plastic, you can adjust the heat and humidity inside and it will allow you easy access.
Step 5. Spritz with a dilute solution of fertilizer.
Estimated cost based on Tinnee's experience    
Shelving $50
Shop fixture 4@$8 $32
Grow lights 4@$10 $40
Shop lights 4@3 $12
Timer $10
Block of plug-ins $ 6
Total -
such a great deal
February, 2004 -- Dahlia Society of California, Inc., San Francisco, CA
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