Gardens & Hybridizers


Dahlia enthusiasts often start out with a few plants and then get the the bug, start growing large numbers of Dahlia plants and pretty soon there is a large Dahlia garden with many, many plants. Worry if you start digging up your lawn to plant Dahlias.

There are many nice Dahlia gardens in the San Francisco area maintained by members of DSC. Some of these experts became hybridizers, breeding new varieties of Dahlias.

The Dahlia Dell at Golden Gate Park is maintained DSC members Lou Paradise, Deborah Dietz, Tinnee Lee, Pat Hunter, Sue Glazer and teenager Nicholas Gaensler.

Erik and Gerda Juul and Lou Paradise have pioneered a number of new varieties of Dahlia.  (Please, see links below.)

The Dahlia Dell In Golden Gate Park



Erik and Gerda Juul


Lou Paradise


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