Growing Dahlias


Growing Dahlias for your enjoyment is actually quire easy and very rewarding.  It is rewarding because very few flowing garden plants produce such prolific and wonderfully exuberant flowers for such a long season in the Bay Area, from May to November, nearly 7 months.  And in some areas in the East Bay, one can even stretch the growing season to all year round.

We want to share with you some of this knowledge on how to grow Dahlias. However, the most fruitful and best way to learn how to grow this wonderful plant with so much varieties is to come to the regular DSC second Tuesday meetings at the Golden Gate Park, County Fair Building on the corner of 9th and Lincoln.

In this section, you could:

  • Learn the Five Simple Steps for Growing Dahlias in the Bay Area
  • For a particular month, you can go to that particular months in the Monthly Guide.
  • If you have a particular question, consult the FAQ page.
  • For fun, try your luck at the Dahlia Trivia page which will be updated regularly to test your Dahlia trivia knowledge.


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