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Tuesday, June 9

Time: 7:30 PM
Golden Gate Park, County Fair Building on the corner of 9th and Lincoln.  

Program: Dr. Virginia Walbot will present some of her exciting work at our next meeting. Some of you may remember her prior talks, based on her research conducted at Stanford, where she is a professor of Biology. Her talk will reprise some info on color in dahlias (e.g., how it gets there) and include some recent work on molecular biology.
(People are still talking about her presentations on anthocyanin and color in dahlias.)

HELP NEEDED: Dr. Walbot maintains a dahlia garden at Stanford for her students and her research and this year there was a disastrous encounter with ground squirrels that laid the garden to waste. DSC members can help with this emergency - if anyone has extra plants or tubers, please think about donating to Dr. Walbot research by bringing them to the June 9 meeting.

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